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Golf – What You Need To Play

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I would like to offer some tips on equipment purchase and what would be required to get started playing golf. Beside club purchase, there are additional items necessary to prepare yourself for play. The next most obvious items are a golf bag and golf balls. If you are purchasing a starter set of clubs many come with a golf bag included. If you like to walk and enjoy a little workout as you play there are carry bags, which are light weight and are slung over your shoulders. There are other bag options for you to choose from and I would suggest that you speak to the sales representative in your local pro shop or golf store (ie; Dick’s Sporting Goods and Golfsmith would provide this service) and ask him to explain the different types and price range to best suit your needs. Golf balls can also vary dramatically in price – from about $9.99 /dozen to $45.99 for the best balls on the market – Titleist Pro V and Pro V1x.

As a beginner I would recommend that you buy the more economically priced balls. The difference in performance will be negligible and you will have a tendency to lose more balls as a novice so why waste money? As you improve, you can always upgrade the type of ball that you use – I would recommend purchasing about two dozen balls to get started. There are also different compression golf balls made. 80, 90 and 100. The compression selected is directly proportionate to how fast you swing and your golf mechanics. I will not elaborate on this right now but an 80 or 90 compression ball should be more than adequate for now. If you have some power and a fairly quick swing, I would opt for the 90 which may give you a bit more distance. NOTE: The professionals and low handicap players use the higher compression balls because their impact speed and swing mechanics will allow the ball to compress properly, thus attaining the maximum result in distance. Some other equipment I would strongly recommend would be as follows:

A golf towel, golf shoes ( though not absolutely necessary it will assist with stability as you swing), Golf tees ( Note: there are different height golf tees made for different drivers,penguins team store, woods and irons – I would recommend that you pick up an assortment of sizes – 2 1/8″ for woods and irons & 2 3/4″ or 3 1/4″ for Drivers depending on type and size. Check with golf pro or sales person for recommendations if not sure),free nfl online, a golf glove ( not required but it will give you a definite advantage in gripping and holding the club more effectively), ball markers ( used on the green to mark your ball so you will not to block the path of your fellow player – a rule of golf etiquette), and a divot repair tool ( used to repair the indentation made in the green when the golf ball lands – one of the rules of etiquette to be addressed in a future writing ). Although not required to play golf, you may want to consider packing the following ancillary items : Band-aids, sunscreen and insect repellent. You never know when you may need them and it’s better to be prepared to allow for maximum comfort while you play. I think we’ve covered most of the essentials and if you have any questions please feel free to submit them to me. Now you’ve got the Desire, you’ve got your equipment, next step is to learn how to play- “The Right Way”.

There are a number of different options available to learn how to play golf. You can self teach ( read books and watch instructional videos),t shirts for sale cheap, ask a relative or friend who knows how to play to teach you, if you are in a high school or college that offers a golf program – enroll in the program, take lessons from the golf pro at your local driving range, take golf lessons from the professional at your local golf course, golf store, private club or pro shop or enroll in a golf school. The method you choose can greatly effect your results so be sure to make the right decision for you.

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Girlfriends Giving Head Outdoors Free Useful Tip
If you are looking for information about Girlfriends Giving Head Outdoors, you will find the below related article very helpful. It provides a refreshing perspective that is very related to Girlfriends Giving Head Outdoors and in some manner related to Camping Catalog, Fishing Guide, Texas Camp Grounds, Check List Camping Car, Trailer Hitches or Camping Shop. It isn’t the same old kind of information that you will find elsewhere on the Internet relating to Girlfriends Giving Head Outdoors.

Through outdoor activities, such as hiking and camping, you can learn to appreciate nature.
You will find endless opportunities to enjoy nature when you visit national and state parks.
Add adventure to your camping trip with sports such as skiing, whitewater rafting, horseback riding, and rock climbing.

Proper apparel is essential to your comfort and safety when camping. Include rain and wind gear and a fleece jacket. Be sure to have a first aid kit and plenty of drinking water.
If you go camping in the winter you’ll need more protective gear and clothing.
Do a little research as most of the National and State Parks have excellent web sites where you can investigate and find the hiking trails and other activities that are available.
You will also find excellent information on popular points of interest in travel books and park brochures.
There are usually outfitters available in the area that offer excursions and rentals for the park you are visiting.
You can choose among a variety of trails throughout the park, from simple loop trails to more stenuous hikes.

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Advanced planning is a key ingredient to enjoying your hike; you will want to have a daypack wth water, a rain/wind jacket, sweater, a first aid kit, snacks, and, most importantly a good pair of hiking boots.
Wildlife such as bears, mountain lions, deer, wolves, and bighorn sheep are often in the areas where you will be camping and hiking, and you must be prepared to protect yourself if you encounter them.
Campers and outdoorspeople have adapted their forms of camping and survival to suit extremely cold nights and limited mobility or evacuation.
Look for signs that indicate wher biking is allowed, since most parks have restricitions.
You can find information about bike trails at the visitor’s center or in park brochures.
Gravel roads are found throughout many of the parks and are designated for horseback riding, which can be an enjoyable way to spend your time.
Consider taking the opportunity to do some whitewater rafting, which is an excellent way to see some spectacular scenery that can be found only in the back-country of the national parks.
You can explore remote areas of the parks by kayaking on some of the most beautiful lakes in this country.
If you have a keen sense of adventure you might enjoy spending some of your time in the parks doing rock climbing, mountaineering, or cross country skiing.
National and state parks offer great opportunities for wonderful family vacations with such a variety of scenery and outdoor activities.

Lastly on a related note.
Backpacking equipment typically costs more than that for car camping,m& t bank stadium, but still far less than a trailer or motorhome, and backpacking campsites are generally cheap.
Also on another related note.
Van Conversion Conversion vans are generally 11 passenger vans that have been converted for camping or other uses.

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6 Extremely Effective Street Fighting Moves!

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I am going to share with you some of the best self defense tactics with you that are proven to work. I have been a fighter as well as a bouncer throughout my entire life and I have even fought in prisons which has taught me martial art tips that every street fighter should be aware of.

The first street fighting moves that you should be aware of is that if you can bite,patriots super bowl, do it. If a fighter puts his hands near your face try and bite his finger or fave arms and hands in other types of situations. You will find that you are much more successful if you bite whenever possible.

The second of the street fighting moves you need to know, is that you should only kick the shins,los angeles merchandise, kneecaps and groin of your attacker. Those that attempt to throw a sidekick in run the risk of their opponent catching it and they must know how to get off the ground quickly. Keeping your kicks low will allow you to keep your balance while keeping your attacker far away from you.

The third street fighting moves that you should be aware of is that you need to practice defense techniques that are not rehearsed. It is an excellent idea to practice in a park and other natural places to make your situations as real as possible.

The fourth street fighting moves that you should be aware of is that eye gouging is more valuable than a punch. If at all possible you should attempt to stab the eye sockets of your attacker followed by punches. By doing this your attacker will not be able to see which will allow ou to morally defeat him.

The fifth of the street fighting moves you should know is that you should train with weights and cardio machines. You want to keep yourself in adequate and good enough condition to fight off an attacker. If you are over weight or under weight,where is arizona cardinals stadium, the chances of you being chosen to be mugged will be higher.

The sixth of the street fighting moves that I want to teach you is to keep your eyes and ears open at all times. You don’t want to walk around areas that are known to be bad areas, or filled with bad people, with your mp3 player blasting. You want to be alert and aware at all times so you can be ready to defend and fight off an attacker with these street fighting moves.

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Fastnet – The Rock And The Race Part 1

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The 44th Fastnet Race takes place this Sunday 14th August. This is the story behind the Rock and the Race.

The Fastnet Rock And Lighthouse

Just a small rocky islet in the Atlantic Ocean, rising to about 30m above low water, the Fastnet Rock has a fearsome reputation, not only because of the many storms and large waves around it but also because of the experiences of the many sailors who’ve tried to round the Rock in the famous Fastnet Race.

The name probably comes from the Old Norse meaning “sharp tooth isle”. In Irish it’s called “Carraig Aonair” meaning “solitary rock”. The lighthouse is often known as The Teardrop of Ireland, as it’s the last sight of Ireland for emigrants sailing for America.

The current lighthouse is the second to be built on the rock and is the highest in Ireland. The first lighthouse was started in 1853 and lit in 1854 but the tower proved too weak to stand up to the waves. Attempts were made to strengthen the tower but in 1897 the site was levelled and building started on a new lighthouse. This time dovetailed blocks of Cornish Granite were used to give it strength. Bad weather and the difficulty of finding suitable stone delayed the construction. At times there were as many as 22 men living on the rock, not counting the lightkeepers and often the weather was too severe for them to work. The building was finally completed in 1903 and the tower was lit in 1904. There were six keepers of the Fastnet Rock – four working and two on leave. Each man did four weeks on and two weeks off. This was one of the loneliest postings off the Irish coast. The lighthouse was manned until 1989 when it was automated.

The Fastnet Race

The “Rolex Fastnet Race” is the most famous and challenging of the races organised by the Royal Ocean Racing Club or RORC as it is better known. The biennial race attracts yachtsmen from all over the world and stretches both yachts and crews to their limits. It is one of the few classic races open to amateur crews and most serious yachtsmen feel that they have to take part at least once.

The 608 mile course is described as “Cowes to Plymouth via the Fastnet Rock”. The yachts sail westward past the Needles and out into the English Channel passing the headlands along the South Coast of England, Anvil Point, Portland Bill, Start Point, the Lizzard and Lands End. They head out towards the South Coast of Ireland where the yachts have to pass round the Fastnet Rock before sprinting back down the Irish Sea leaving Bishop Rock Lighthouse to port and a final dash to cross the finishing line at Plymouth.

This year the 300-boat limit was reached in record speed and within 10 days of opening in early January, the list was closed. When entries from the “professional” classes are added, the record of 303 is likely to be broken. The first signal will sound at 10.50 BST with the crews wondering what conditions they are about to face. In the nature of handicap races it is not necessarily the fastest boat that wins and it could be a 40-ft cruising boat that ends up the winner.

Some Of The Contenders

The fastest boat on the water may be “Banque Populaire” (FRA), the 100ft trimaran which has just broken the Round British Isles record by almost a day and a half.

Two other 100 footers, Mike Slade’s “ICAP Leopard” (GBR) and George David’s “Rambler 100″ (USA) are challengers for the monohull honours. They have raced against each other many times and know each other well.

Not to be overlooked are two Volvo 70s “Abu Dhabi” (UAE) and “Groupama 1V (FRA).

In the Mini Maxi Class are the 72 ft “Ran” (GBR) and the Mills 68 “Alegre” (GBR).

Amongst the yachts from the USA are STP65 “Vanquish” and the Reichel-Pugh 66 “Zaraffa”.

This year approximately 1/3rd of the boats are non British crews with yachts from Austria, Belgium, China, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, the UAE and USA.

How Did It Start?

1925 – It was the brainchild of an Englishman Weston Martyr and created a new breed of yachtsman, the amateur cruiser who was looking for a challenge. These first competitors sailed their yachts themselves with maybe one or two deckhands. There were just 7 yachts in the first race,nba blake, mostly old cruising boats, setting off from the Royal Victorian Yacht Club at Ryde on 15th August 1925. Two of the boats retired and one made such slow progress that by the time they reached the finishing line the time keepers had gone home. The race was won by “Jolie Brise”, a 56ft pilot cutter, who finished 20 hours ahead of her rival “Gull”, a 30yr old yacht. “Jolie Brise” went on to win on two other occasions and is still sailing. As a result of this first successful race the Ocean Racing Club was formed.

By 1930s the race was firmly established and in 1930 the 9 British entries were joined by 6 from America and 2 from France. Many crews failed to finish in these early days of the race, due to its toughness,nhl stanley cup playoffs 2011, their inexperience and slow, ill-equipped boats. Bad weather was a factor too and in 1931 a crew member was lost over the side in gale force winds.

There was a break between 1939 and 1947 due to the 2nd World War.

By 1950 multi-hulled catamarans and trimarans had been introduced and the use of synthetic fibres and more sophisticated equipment helped to make tremendous improvements in yacht design and speed.

By the 1960s there was a much more ruthless attitude to ocean racing with the introduction of races like the Admirals Cup.

The infamous 1979 race started on 11th August with a record 303 yachts anticipating the “SW winds 4-5 increasing 6-7 for a time”. By 13th the wind was force 6 gusting 7 with 8 predicted. Over 13th – 14th 25 of the yachts were sunk or disabled by the high winds and huge seas. Some of the boats were caught in force 11 violent storm strength gusts between Lands End and Fastnet. The winner was the yacht “Tenacious” owned and skippered by Ted Turner,cheap atlanta braves jerseys, but 69 yachts did not finish of which 23 were lost or abandoned. The rest retired.

The race of 1999 attracted 213 yachts from over 9 countries including celebrities Ellen MacArthur in “Kingfisher” and Ted Turner in “Sayonara”.

The 2001 race had an exciting start with 28 knots of wind. Piet Vroon from Holland was the winner racing a Lutra 52. This was his first win in 20 attempts. He took 3days 2hours 23min 31sec.

2003 saw 245 yachts split into 7 classes. A downwind start with 12 knot easterlies resulted in the entire fleet setting spinnakers for the run down the Solent. The winner was Neville Crichton’s “Alfa Romeo”. The 18 man crew missed the record for monohulls by 4 hours, spending just 57 hours and 2 minutes at sea.

In 2005 the race started with blazing sunshine and little wind, but a strong current worked in the yachts favour. One yacht which attracted some attention was the old 1885 Maxi “Arnold Clark Drum” skippered by lead singer of Duran Duran, Simon Le Bon. 20 years before, “Drum” had had its keel wrenched away when storm force winds hit the boat and it capsized. This time the skipper was determined to get to the rock, but his busy schedule meant he had to fly back to America for a concert. As a result, “Drum” retired from the race, but motored up to the famous rock, celebrating with champagne, before Le Bon was picked up by light aircraft for his flight across the Atlantic.

In 2007 entries were limited for the first time to 300 boats and the start was delayed for a day due to bad weather. Less than ¼ finished the race, many retiring before leaving the English Channel. Some who did finish broke records. Mike Slade’s “ICAP Leopard” set a new monohull record of 1 day 20 hours 18 min at an average speed of 13.52 knots.

The 2009 race was tactically challenging due to light winds combined with powerful spring tides. It was also one of the longest in recent years.

2011 – On Friday 19th August the Fastnet Challenge Cup will be awarded, together with more than 30 additional trophies, at the Royal Citadel, home of the 29 Commando Regiment Royal Artillery, overlooking Plymouth Sound. Who will be the winner? We wish all the crews well.

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About Short Form Tv Advertising

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Was the last commercial you saw one where a product was advertised and you were left to remember the name brand and go out and buy it? Or, was the last commercial you saw one where the product was being advertised, but then a phone number or website popped up allowing you to make the purchase immediately and from the comfort of your own home? There are lots of different ways to market your product,signed lebron james jersey, but the type of advertising on television that includes an 800 number or website is called direct response television, or frequently infomercials. There are two types of direct response television,sale online shop, long form and short form. Short form is quite popular because it is short and sweet and allows the point to be made without going overboard or boring the viewers. The benefit of short form TV advertising like this is that the price for the advertising is much less. In turn, this allows the product or service to be sold at a better price, too. The trick is that the ad must be short form TV and a phone number or website address must appear throughout the advertisement.

You may think that short form TV sounds like a starting point for better commercials down the road. Don’t think this is necessarily the case. Just because the short form TV format might cost less than other options does not mean it is cheap. Additionally,atlanta falcons football score, it is considerably more effective than other types of on television advertising. It is so effective that many Fortune 500 companies continue to use it. Think of short form TV advertising as the smart way to reach thousands of potential customers at a discounted rate. One of the biggest benefits of this type of advertising, too, is that within minutes or even hours of airing the first short form TV spot you will have orders placed and money paid. Such a fast turnaround is great and can really help counter the costs that went into making the commercial in the first place.

The success of a short form TV advertisement usually lies in the hands of the producer/campaign manager. This is the individual who determines how the product will be displayed in the ad and how customers will be targeted and called to make a purchase. It’ complicated and because of this only experienced producers or campaign managers should handle taking your product to a short form TV spot.

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Sheriff embaress ragged Dynamo

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,official nba logo

Andrei Shevchenko and Dynamo Kiev suffered an embarrassing defeat at the hands of Moldovan champions FC Sheriff to leave one of the famous names of European football bottom of UEFA Europa League Group E.It was the first time a Moldovan club had triumphed over a Ukrainian side in UEFA competition and Dynamo were undone by first-half goals by Alexander Erokhin and then Brazilian striker Jymmy from the spot as FC Sheriff dominated throughout.Sheriff went in front in the eighth minute courtesy of Erokhin,nba jerseys adidas, their impressive 20-year-old Russian playmaker, who fired in a shot from 25 yards that beat keeper Denys Boyko low to his right.Dynamo tried to fight back and Oleg Gusev saw his shot blocked by Jose Nadson before Shevchenko’s fierce effort from 25 yards was parried by Sheriff keeper Vladislav Stoyanov.Things went from bad to worse for Dynamo in the 37th minute when Yevhen Khacheridi handballed Milos Adamovic’s corner to concede a penalty and found himself booked for good measure. Jymmy took the spot-kick and made no mistake,authentic troy polamalu jersey, placing it low to the right.Shevchenko’s frustration increased and the former Chelsea and AC Milan star was eventually booked for persistent fouling as Dynamo struggled to make any impact in the second half. Indeed it was Sheriff who came closest to scoring when man-of-the-match Vladimir Brankovic saw his left-footed drive from distance tipped over by Boyko.With two minutes of normal time remaining Shevchenko had an opportunity to salvage some pride for the Ukrainians after he was fouled by Florent Rouamba 30 yards out. Shevchenko took the free-kick himself but his effort drifted past the left-hand post without even troubling Vladislav Stoyanov. That was just about as good as it got for Dynamo and they already look to have a mountain to climb to qualify.

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How To Add Value To Your Sports Memorabilia

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Having a sports memorabilia collection is a hobby for many, especially sports lovers, celebrity fans and friends. The choices may be different like someone who may like to collect antique sports memorabilia, while others may decide to collect newer releases. Mostly the collectors do face two types of restriction. Firstly, the money they can spend on this hobby. The other is the available storage space where they can stash these things without risk of damage by others.

Your sports memorabilia collection can include anything from baseball to football, soccer to Nascar, golf, tennis or volleyball. When you really love a particular team or player, youll probably want to collect whatever memorabilia you can lay your hands on. Some also do it for an investment point of view, and want to save these until they can provide a higher return on their investment. Many sports memorabilia collectors are making good money out of their hobby.

Those who wish to enjoy their hobby professionally care about how they present it before others, too. They store their sports memorabilia in such a way that it beautifies their space, too. For example, they can keep their pieces safe in large glass cabinets so that they are visible,cheap nfl hats,and at the same time safe and clean. You can also display them on a wall of your living room as a focal point. Sports memorabilia generally are of two types – they either remind you of a favourite sports event, or a particular player.

Some sports memorabilia collectors enjoy their hobby as a full time profession.They spend time, money and efforts to collect every possible thing of their favourite sports event – for example baseball, soccer or other sports. Many limit their enthusiasm to one particular team or player. For example, those who love to collect memorabilia of LA Lakers, or say Tiger Woods in golf. Some limit their hobby to the collection of posters only.

This interest was at its highest in 1980s when sports fans were after jerseys of their favourite teams or players. Sports stars would throw jerseys over the crowds after winning important tournaments. Some organisations even sold these jerseys in stores for sports memorabilia collectors like NFL, NBA, MLB did. There are many famous sports personalities who threw their jerseys into the crowd, either from the ground or from the stage at the end of the event. Remember Dennis Rodman? Some of these sports personalities have turned into all-time icons, and their memorabilia have become like gold dust for their collectors. Michael Jordan is a name to recall. Shaquille ONeal of the Cleveland Cavaliers and Nomar Gaciaparra of the Oakland Athletics are the pride of collectors these days.

Generally,kansas city chiefs draft pick, the prize of a memorabilia depends upon its popularity. The rarer the item, the higher the price would be.The price of memorabilia also depends upon its condition, too. A damaged piece may reduce its financial return considerably. So,dallas cowboys apparel for men, if you have got a piece of sports memorabilia and want to keep it safe for time to come, get it framed first, fast. The cost you pay now may return many times over in the future.

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Internet Marketing- Press Release Primer, Part 1

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,rolando mcclain raiders jersey

There are 17 great ways to drive traffic to your Internet marketing website. Of those seventeen, one of the most powerful is the press release. Writing a press release and uploading it to some of the top press release sites online can bring massive traffic to your site. But you may be wondering, What’s a press release?

Any important event happening in your Internet marketing business will benefit from the use of press releases. Announcements, such as new websites opening or products launching, or welcoming a new employee to your company are all worthy of press releases because that’s really what they are–structured announcements. The event that you’re reporting should be important, though. Your most recent blog post won’t qualify.

What makes press releases so powerful for Internet marketing is that they’re easily spidered by the search engines and listed in the results pages quickly. Google loves press releases and we worry most about Google because it brings the most traffic and the best conversion ratios. When you optimize for Google, which is the toughest, the other search engines respond, too.

All search engines like press releases because they’re mainly text and the search engine spiders can easily and quickly scan them to see what they’re about. Just be sure to use keywords that apply to your Internet marketing business in your release, and keep to a density of about 2%. That way, the spiders will quickly see what your release is all about.

Here’s another advantage… search engine optimization. When you can hyperlink your keyword back to your website, it counts as a one-way link pointing back to your site. Google sees those as votes for your page, and the more one-way links you have pointing back, the better your page reputation, the higher your page rank, and the higher your page will rise in the search engine results. (Find a page’s rank by downloading the Google toolbar or by getting the add-on “Search Status” for your Firefox browser.)

But in addition to search engine traffic,buffalo bills logo, press releases are also scanned by people in the media, even when they’re outside the Internet marketing space. Because the news is so hungry for new material, your press release could generate a call from a newspaper, radio, or even television reporter to discuss the announcement you’ve made.

Just keep in mind that not all press release sites will be as beneficial for you as others. Look for sites with Google page rank 4 or above and that have an Alexa ranking (check this at of 100,2011 nfl tickets,000 or less. Otherwise the site doesn’t get much traffic, and your release won’t be seen.

These press release guidelines can be applied to any Internet marketing business niche. In our next article, we’ll teach you how to write one to get your Internet marketing business noticed.

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Xbox Kinect Reviews Show Its The Best Way To Work Out

2012 年 5 月 29 日 コメント 709 件

When it comes to the Xbox Kinect, reviews have given a good rating overall. As with any new product,nfl houston texans jerseys, there is room for some improvement but right out of the gate everyone is raving about the amount of fun that this Xbox accessory provides.

One of the biggest benefits to gaming in this new way is that it gets you off your seat and on your feet. Requiring you to use your whole body to play, theres no cheating as in the case with other gaming systems that require you to hold a controller in your hand.

Most people quickly learned that they could sit and still play the game by simply moving their arm or hand. This is not the case with the Kinect system. You must be standing up to play and you wont be able to cheat and play it sitting down.

Most people are having so much fun when using the Kinect, they dont realize they are getting a good cardio workout while they play. The sports and dance games really require you to get into the game and use your body to maximize the amount of exercise you get.

This is the perfect solution for those that dont like to work out. Walking on a treadmill is mundane and you only become focused on how tired you are. Walking for 5 minutes can seem like walking for 4 hours while you continually watch the clock and realize that only 30 seconds has passed. With the Kinect, you could spend hours before you realize it and even though you might be physically tired, your brain was focused on how fun it was.

The ability to keep your brain focused on something else while youre physically active works to keep a disconnect of sorts from the physical discomfort and fatigue. You might be getting tired,packers knit hats, but your mind isnt aware of it because youre focused elsewhere. This helps to keep you blissfully unaware that youre actually moving and getting a good cardio workout.

A game like Kinect is perfect for this strategy because your brain is focused on what youre seeing on the screen. This usually results in you working out much longer than if you were simply at the gym on a treadmill. They are games specifically designed for keeping fit,vancouver canauks, but the dance games can provide the same level of intensity without the fitness label being applied to it.

The way Kinect initiates game play has completely changed the way we play video games and will greatly influence how video games are developed in the future. As the demand for more realism increases, game developers will be challenged to create a gaming experience that is more realistic and looks and feels more like a 3D virtual world that the player becomes a part of.

If you want to work out and not know youre doing it, the Kinect system from Microsoft could be a cure for workout boredom. If you are in doubt, read a few Xbox Kinect reviews and see how other people are using the Kinect system to stay in shape and have fun with friends and family.

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Ironman Triathlon–some Diet Ideas.

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Training diets come in dozens of shapes and sizes. It will just make you crazy,cheap st louis cardinals jerseys! Trying to figure out what to eat and what not to eat. Especially when you start doing some serious training and you are HUNGRY when you get home. Well the good news is that I’ve tried pretty well all of the major diets over the years(and some not so major)and can cut out much of the guesswork for you. And no, I don’t have a degree in nutrition. I earned my credentials in the kitchen and at the dinner table.

In the early years most of us Ironman beginners had no clue about diets. Most of us used the world famous, much loved seafood diet. You see food and you eat it.

Seriously though, after a few years it started to dawn on me how important diet was when training for an event as physically demanding as the Ironman. I think I can honestly say that I took something good out of every diet I ever tried. Well almost.

A few years ago, I tried one diet for 4 months that maintained all you needed was lots of protein and not much carbo. Against my better judgement but just to see what would happen,jersey national football team, I gave it at try.

After 4 months on this diet,nfl cleveland browns jersey, I entered a 10km race and shortly after the gun went off(oh, about 5-6 seconds)I knew I was in trouble. I had zero energy and of the over 100– 10km races I have entered over the years this was my worst time(by far).

I think I can say with much certainty that an endurance athlete should never go on a high protein, high fat, low carb diet! It may work for a segment of the population, but is certainly not meant for everyone.

From all the reading I’ve done, and all the diets I’ve tried I’m 100% certain that carbohydrates are the key to the ideal Ironman Triathlon diet. I’m not talking simple carbs here. Really try and avoid sugar…stay away from those cakes and cookies–that ice cream and chocolate. For the year or so you dedicate to accomplishing your Ironman dream, stay focused on your diet. Trust me, it will be all that much more fun to indulge when its all over.

If anything, I went overboard on the carbohydrate scale. It was a major part of my diet. It isn’t for everyone. Just make sure that on a percentage basis that your carbohydrates are always higher then your protein and fat intake. Try and keep your protein and fat at about the same percentages. Some of the best carbohydrate sources are pasta, brown rice, whole wheat bread, pretty well all vegetables and a controlled amount of fruit because they have lots of sugar. I found I was making one major mistake though. I always used white pasta and ate tons of potatoes because I knew they were one of the purest forms of carbohydrate. Much to my surprise a few years ago my doctor said my bad cholesterol was too high. After talking about my diet we narrowed it down to too many high-glycemic carbohydrates. The white pasta I ate every day and all the potatoes. So now I ALWAYS use whole wheat pasta and I cut out potatoes and substitute with sweet potatoes. Problem solved.

For protein you have several preferable choices. Egg whites are awesome. Give the yolks to your neighbor who is on that OTHER diet. Or have scambled eggs with 3 egg whites and one entire egg. Limit yourself to 3 or 4 whole eggs per week. From the Dairy aisle your best bets are lowfat cottage cheese, plain yogurt( not those fruity ones)and skim milk. From the meat aisle(if you eat meat)chicken and turkey white meat(yes, and take that skin off-that’s where most of the fat is stored), and a small amount of lean beef maybe once, but not more than twice a week. Fish of course is just a great choice. There is nothing wrong with canned tuna or salmon. Don’t foget about legumes, and also soya products are a staple now of many Iroman Triathletes.

The fat part of your diet will often be found in the protein you eat. There will be fat in the cottage cheese and the chicken or turkey or beef you might eat. There will be fat in the 3 or 4 whole eggs you eat every week if you choose to. There will be a small amount of fat in the skim milk. Fish will also provide some fat, and I know its expensive, but salmon is awesome for protein and fat(Omega oil). The oil I prefered and used for years is vigin olive oil. That is until I came across coconut oil. Now I use both. A less expensive option is canola oil. Try having vinega olive oil and coconut oil tossed in your salad and top it with cottage cheese. A great example of complex carbs, good fat and protein.

Some notes:condiments(ketchup, mustard, mayonaise, salad dressings etc)should be used sparingly. Cheddar cheese is fine, but try and stick to 6-8 ounces per week. Your best cheeses are hard cheeses. Number one choice is parmesean(grated)for your pasta. Don’t use jam..too much sugar..I just really, really like peanut butter and it is o.k. in controlled amounts if you buy the real thing that has a half inch of oil on the top and is a pain to mix(but hey! that means its the right one). DON’T use the peanut butter that has icing sugar mixed in it and no oil on the top. They add the icing sugar so they can make it smooth for you and you don’t have to mix it at home.

As far as your beverage choices, use skim milk as I mentioned above. Don’t be afraid of aspartame. It is a far better choice than sugar and allows you to use sweetners in your coffee etc. So that means you can drink diet pop on occasion(with aspartame)Another really good choice is crystal lite(they also use aspartame) if you prefer a sweeter option to water(like I do). And whoever said drink 6 0r 8 glasses of water a day, has got to be kidding. I would have to GAG down that much water every day.

I’ve discovered that what you eat really goes a long way to determining how thirsty you are and how much water you drink. I believe if you eat an extraordinary amount of carbohydrates like I do, you require less water. Don’t forget, fresh vegetables for instance are up around 75-80% water. And I have a huge salad every day. Beer or wine is o.k. in extreme moderation. Maybe three drinks a week and drink light beer. Getting drunk is not a great idea when you are on an Ironman Triathlon training Diet. It causes dehydration and will pretty well ruin your next few days training.

A FEW IMPORTANT NOTES: Don’t get me wrong. When you are out on long rides and runs 2 hours duration and more, be very sure you have lots of water or some type of fluid replacement. Don’t go nuts on drinking water while training however. More and more information is coming out about athletes taking too much water and flushing out too many nutrients and causing physical problems as a result.(hyponatremia)

Also: As far as the amount you eat.

You are training for an Ironman Triathlon. When I mention diet, I’m not talking the amounts you eat. I’m talking about the food you choose to eat. Trust me. One day if you go for a training swim followed closely by a 50 or 60 mile bike ride, you are going to be hungry. Don’t worry yourself about HOW MUCH you eat. When you are really training, your body will tell you how much you need to eat. I like to call it my “appestat.”

I have “never” measured, or worried about the amount I eat when I’m in training. I am 145-150 pounds and eat tons!! I know everyone has a different metabolism, but just the same, you will know darn well when you have had a hard training day. Eat accordingly.

In many sports, not just triathlon, athletes will train religiously for months and not realize their full potential because of an improper diet.

Don’t let this happen to you.

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